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Storitve Zavoda Štirna Strateško komuniciranje Moderiranje


It is a huge responsibility to create a balance between nature conservation and quality of life. To achieve that balance, we need reliable expertise data. The last is the basis to enter into long-term responsible relations with stakeholders. In those relations, we change behaviours in cooperation to achieve balance. 
Our work is founded on organisational and communication solutions to support clients' organisational goals. Frequently we are part of the client's management team.

Strategies and action plans

Let us start with simple questions: where we are? Where do we want to go? And how to achieve goals? Those simple questions demand diverse research, analytics and studies in the management team to design common answers. 
We can't accept one-way communication with stakeholders. Our solutions are created with stakeholders participation. 

Planning demands realistic inputs: time, budget and team to implement the solutions that work in practice.

Tactical implementation

Strategies and plans need an agile team for execution. Frequently you can reach us in fieldwork, local communities etc. We have a wide range of experiences with project management and execution and team management in international projects with people various cultural and religious backgrounds.


Each workshop is custom designed regarding the needs and goals of a client and stakeholders. Our bases are strategic communication and facilitation, with which we design and implement the following workshops:

  • we help to achieve common interests,

  • we support the integration of a team,

  • we find the best possible solutions,

  • we plan and implement strategic communication custom-made training (digital and social media, storytelling, crisis communication, media relations, local community management, personal communication, etc.)

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