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Institute štirna

Institute Štirna supports companies, non-governmental organisations and public services to create a balance between nature conservation and quality of life. Sustainable solutions are based on organisational and communication measures. We are a non-profit institute.

Development is not always the right answer, therefore our work is based on solutions. We lead clients to establish responsible and sustainable solutions in three fields: economic, social and environmental. We care about goals and results.


We strongly believe in dialogue and results in the field. Our work is based on the knowledge and experience of previous generations that contribute to the resources we can enjoy today. We understand diverse interests to manage and create the best possible solutions for people and nature.


One of our team members is also nature - without it, our team couldn’t exist. Nature is our life (water, air, soil), food production (we are all farmers in our free time) and gives us a place to relax and recreate.

Aerial View of a Mountain River
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Špela Polak Bizjak graduated from the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Social Sciences in communication management. For more than 20 years her work includes environmental and nature conservation clients and projects dealing with creating a common ground for diverse interests. Among her work projects are common those that demand social changes. With the knowledge and experience of communication management, she has worked on more than 100 projects in Slovenia, Italy, Austria, Croatia, Northern Macedonia, Bosnia and Hercegovina and Cyprus.

Her projects have been recognised and awarded at different competitions for communication effectiveness. Her workshops about efficient communication have attended about 2,000 people from the private sector, non-governmental organisations and public services.

Photo: Aljaž Muljavec

Špela Polak Bizjak
The founder of Institute Štirna

Forest Path
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